Liberty Anthem

We wave our flags up in the air,

Swirls of saffron and green and white,

Sweets and snacks are generously heaped,

Firecrackers illuminate the night.

It’s the 15th of August, Independence Day,

And we Indians are so proud and so glad,

Of our freedom, our rights, our liberty,

Without which we wouldn’t have had,

The freedom to live life as we please,

To do what we desire,

From the moment we inhale our first gulp of air,

Till our burning at the pyre,

We can do what we choose, the decision is ours,

We have the liberty to decide,

Although, with the rights come the duties,

The laws we must abide,

But it’s all okay, for at the end of the day,

We can lead our lives as we please,

As free as ravens drifting towards the clouds,

As free as pigeons perched on trees…

We’re free.


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