Too Good To Be True…

“And you ALSO win this 4-acre house!!”
The game show host cries out,
My fingers tighten around my knees,
“Bring it!!” I confidently shout!

3 grueling hours of gaming later,
I victoriously emerge,
“That huge manor is all mine!!” I recall,
With a sudden, ecstatic surge.

“Welcome to your new home!!”
The game show host [or GSH says],
“We at GamingNerds hope you love it,
And spend your time her in happiness!!”

I survey the place, my new home sweet home,
The fountains and the chandeliers,
Not to mention the indoor swimming pool,
That left me swimming in happy tears!!

“There’s just one tiny thing,”
The GSH adds, as an afterthought, or a whim,
“You can’t EVER leave, you’re my property now…”
And the majestic front doors slams behind him…


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