The Wheels On The Bike…

“Faster! Faster!” Chad wants to scream out,
As himself and the bike tear down a slope,
Houses and pavements pass by in a blur,
This was going better than he’d hoped!

The cycle was gifted a month ago,
To his sister, Lil, from his Mum and Dad,
Lil had guarded it faithfully ever since,
“No, you can’t ride it, Chad!”

But this eve, Lil hopped to her pal’s,
For a princess-themed birthday bash,
Giving Chad all the time he needed,
To make that long-awaited, cyclic dash!

It was the first time in weeks,
That he’d left his headphones, Beats,
By itself in his home,
It was his most prized thing
His only bling,
Without them, he’d feel so alone…

But now he sailed on the nearly-empty streets,
With a song on his lips and in his heart,
And only just in time did her notice Lil,
In the middle of the road, giving him a start

“It isn’t what it looks like,” he hastily exclaimed,
As he slowed Lil’s bike with a screech,
“Oh, it’s quite alright,” Lil reassured,
And spun around to reveal his Beats

Under her feet.


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