The Goa River Marathon – 2015 – Pre Run

“10… 9… 8…”

The crowds chanted excitedly; determination and frosty gusts of wind tingling in the air. If I strained my ears, I could still hear the lively music blaring from the Runners’ Pavillion a hundred metres away, but I had more important things to focus on right then. Things like managing to stay alive for the next 3 hours, by which time I should hopefully be either done with or on the last leg of my first –ever– half marathon.


Oh my Garmin, I gulped as it hit me what exactly I was doing. I was going to run 21 kilometres. 21. At that moment, I could barely even remember how to count that high, forget try to RUN that much!


This is it, Trusha, I repeated, over and over. The atmosphere was electric as over a thousand runners tensed up, friends and family cheering festively in the background. Let’s go.



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