Keep Calm and Kick Butt!

Summer, in all its crispy, fiery glory, has already engulfed us in its scorching arms and we all know what THAT means; weeks and weeks of glorious sunshine, lazing around with a delicious novel to immerse ourselves into, chasing the ice cream man for two rupee mango lollies…

But wait a minute! What’s the dark, ominous thing peeping at us from around the corner, blocking the brilliance of summer from truly reaching us??

That’s right; it’s the EXAMS.

[I’m going to pause for a moment while the horror of the situation sinks in…]

Yup, it’s a student’s worst nightmare and it’s HERE.

Depending on which grade you are in and which educational board your school follows, you could be either;

  1. Totally relaxing with your exams safely behind you
  2. Right in the midst of the exams, or
  3. Panicking because your exams are steadily approaching

I am super relieved to inform you that my classmates and I are firmly in the first category as our exams got over in the middle of March BUT for those of you who aren’t, here are a few tips and tricks to help you get through this terrifically trying time;

First of all, keep calm.

I know, I know; it sounds so OBVIOUS that you shouldn’t be panicking but here me out; the exam time is when students start to unintentionally stress about EVERYTHING from things they can do something about to things they most certainly can’t control.

The first step is to figure out which is which; is worrying about what you could have done really the best way to be spending so much valuable time?? Sure, you could have done so much more, but you haven’t, and that’s that. Things that have already happened are things that you can’t change so clear your mind of the little regrets and work on spending the time you have as fruitfully and effectively as possible.

Another mistake that students seem to be making around this time is neglecting their “essentials,” and by this I mean two main things – food and fresh air.

Just because you have that all-important science paper coming up in two days is not reason to ignore your dietary needs. Remember, one can only work truly efficiently on a full stomach.

Also, it’s important to remember that everybody needs a bit of enjoyment and you’ll find that a brisk walk in the evening or a game of footie with the neighbours will do your overworked brain a world of good.

Considering all that Chemistry cramming you have [hopefully] done, you probably know what H2O is the chemical symbol of water. But simply knowing that is not enough; it’s the mark of an educated mind to be able to use the information that you’ve got to your advantage and in this case, it means making sure that you’re properly hydrated throughout the day, a very vital key to making sure that your body as well as your mind remain healthy and alert.

Now that you’ve satisfied all your basic needs, all that’s left is to keep a clear head, confidently step into the examination hall and give it your all. Take a deep breath, stay cool and get ready to KICK BUTT.

You’ve got this.


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