Sunsets In The Summer

Cloudless skies and pigeons’ cries,
And a lush, warm, crimson hue,
Let’s take a moment to behold
As we pay summer sunsets their due

Clouds of pink cotton candy
Flit about on their own trip,
Flocks of ravens stretch their wings,
As the cheery day does slip

Into a sleepy, orange phase,
Of daily change and transition,
The little hints the earth whispers,
Are lost in flurried translation

Nocturnal beasts start to stir,
As the sunlight filters out,
And we traipse through the lime-green fields,
Homeward; a familiar route

Like a cloak of the richest velvet,
Like a frock of the prettiest silk,
The night begins to envelope us all,
And the moon rises, pale as milk


2 thoughts on “Sunsets In The Summer

  1. Anonymous says:

    Trusha G …the exquisite choice of words fill ones heart with a feeling of being able to see things through your eyes..

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