Who’ll Trump Whom?

I’m pretty sure you’ve already guessed what this post is about just from the title [sorry for the bad pun] – the US Presidential Elections.

And for those of you die-hard Desis who are shaking their heads and wondering why I picked such a foreign topic to discuss this week when I have dozens of more indigenous headlines to choose from, don’t forget that the outcome of this election is one that will affect the globe as a whole.

But that’s not what I’m going to be focusing on. I’m not going to be talking about the political influence or the economic impact or the social impression this US election will bring with it.

I’m going to be addressing a more controversial issue, if you will; [you already know what it is, don’t you??] Donald John Trump.

Now, let me assure you that I am NOT a US citizen, by any means. I may even be the farthest thing from one, considering how the closest I’ve gotten to The States is reading Bill Bryson. I’m not even an adult, with four solid years till I turn eighteen.

However, I’m pretty certain that if, by some chance, I managed to overcome the previous two hurdles and found myself with a vote to spare at the Presidentials this 2016, you would not catch me spending it on Trump.

Okay, okay, okay; I hear you. I’m only an ignorant schoolgirl from a quaint little village nestled in the suburbs of a teensy state. What do I know about the United States or this term’s candidates or even elections in general??

Enough to know that Trump is not someone I like, it turns out.

But even as I typed that statement out, I wondered if he’s really as disagreeable as I reckon. After all, being a nominee at such a closely scrutinised election means that he probable spends a considerable amount of effort on making sure that he’s as appealing to the public as he can be, so why do I [and everyone I know, if I’m being frank] conjure such a sour image every time I think of the “orange-haired” bloke??

To find out more, I whipped out my trusty Lenovo and to Google away and it turns out Trump isn’t as despised as I’d have initially expected.

I mean, I knew he’d just bagged the Republican nomination, but I was still reluctant to believe that he had more than a handful of supporters.

Not only did he seem to have created [apart from what seems like a rather large group of people who are most definitely anti-Trump] a loyal fan base, this group of followers included a supporter who felt so strongly about her leader that she wrote an entire book in praise of him!!

You and I can argue that Donald Trump has appealed to the lowest factors in American politics and that some of his political statements and actions are questionable at best, but please don’t underestimate his cunning.

He knows of the teeming masses against him, but he’s equally aware of the growing team of Americans he’s managed to get on his side with his so-called dubious tactics.

After all, the point of this race is to win the elections, and he seems to be on his path to accomplishing that.

And that, dear reader, is the moral –if at all- of this week’s write-up; you can shame them, you can ridicule them [I’m looking at you, Jimmy Fallon], you can poke fun at them and you can dismiss them.

And then still might end up winning.

P.S – This is not to say, in any way, that my hours looking up articles on Mr Trump have converted me or lead me to believe that his win is secured, or anything. I am still firmly against some of the principles he so steadfastly endorses and I definitely think that he has a long, long way to go [Hillary is going to prove that] if he wants to reach where he wants to reach. I’m just saying that you should keep your eyes and ears wide open; you never know when that seemingly-harmless competitor might strike and strike hard


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