Barack Hohohobama

I’m assuming that most of you have heard of Jimmy Fallon’s talk show, so I’m not going to elaborate apart stating that it is possibly my favourite talk show EVER [excluding the Graham Norton Show. And Oprah, of course. And let’s not forget Last Week Tonight. Or even- OK, maybe it isn’t my favourite ever].

Every night, Jimmy Fallon has a string of famous people who sit down with him so he “casually” can ask them about their latest film/album/divorce and let them shamelessly self-promote -a fangirl’s dream come true.

This week, however, Mr Fallon decided to take things up a notch- several notches, actually- and invite America’s most influential human being onto the show for a late night conversation; the President of the United States himself.

And I don’t know about you, but I really, really like Barack Obama.

For one, he looks a LOT like my Dad [I’m still not sure whether this is a good thing or a bad thing], he generally seems like a cool dude [Obama, not my Dad. Well, I guess my Dad too but to be fair he is– UGH I’m rambling, aren’t I??] AND he loves playing Scrabble. What’s not to like??

So when I heard that he was coming to a television near me, I decided that I had to watch it, no matter what.

Which is why, if you’d peeked into my living room this Thursday night [which, FYI, is not a cool thing to do], you would’ve seen me patiently huddled by the T.V, armed with a bowl of Dorito’s and a chocolate bar, ready to witness a truly special moment in history.

And I was not disappointed.

For the next hour, I was glued to the telly, marvelling at how a man of such staggering political importance could be so incredibly light and humorous. From slow-jamming through the impressive highlights his eight-year term as US President to recalling his awkward first encounter with Jimmy Fallon to talking about being kicked out of the White House, the President seldom ended a statement without the audience bursting into peals of laughter.

Rarely missing a beat, President Obama talked politics and the Supreme Court and the Republican party on the same breath as he spoke about embarrassing his daughters and holidaying with his wife. He was dignified yet chilled-out. He’s the leader of an entire nation one minute and your down-to-earth neighbour the next. He makes important political statements and finishes it off with a roaring joke.

Scrolling through the YouTube comments the next day, I realised that a majority of the viewers felt the same sense of awe I did, with many of them claiming that he’s the “coolest President ever” and some even going to the extent of saying that they wouldn’t mind “grabbing a chilled beer with him.”

All in all, the interview was more than just a celebrity chat-up. It was a subtle reminder that you don’t have to be boring to be important. It’s okay to lighten-up and crack a smile, even when talking about matters of international importance.

Even the President can have a little fun.


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