Everything Is Never As It Seems – Chapter 1

“We’re lost, Lily. Totally, utterly lost,” I sighed, frowning at the map outstretched in my arms as another train puffed into the desolate railway station. “I’ve checked about a dozen times, but it looks like this town isn’t even on the map.”

“Would you RELAX, Ron?” Lily shook her head, snatching the map away from me. “The whole point of backpacking across the country was to stray off the beaten path, not check some map every two seconds to make sure we’re still on it,” She crumpled the map almost violently and tossed it into a garbage can.

“Hey, we need that-” I began to sputter in indignation, but she cut me short, “Hey, look, there’s a traveller’s inn just about a mile away!” She squealed, pointing at a rusted signboard on the platform. “Just what we need; a nice, cool bath before we can set out and explore this place,” She added, already striding towards the station’s exit.

“If you say so,” I grumbled under my breath, but followed her out just the same.


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