I’m Crazy And I Know It

The older I’ve grown, the more I’ve realised that, if you’re lucky enough to be different, don’t ever change.

I know that you’ve probably heard this a million times from government-sponsored ads on TV and inspirational videos at school, but it’s the honest, searing truth.

This planet has more Average Joe’s than it needs. It has enough play-it-safe Paula’s and comfort-zone Carl’s, when what we REALLY require right now are radicals. People who change the rules, change the way the game is played, change the lives of the people around them.

That kid in your class who’s bullied because he spends all recess in the computer lab? He’s already developed an app that he’s selling to Yahoo for millions. The girl next door who the neighbourhood shuns for choosing football over piano classes? She’s made it to the national soccer team while still in high school. That “crazy” student in your school who runs on stage before assemblies and makes everybody laugh with her antics? She’s well on her way to bagging her own stand-up comedy tour in Las Vegas. And we need MORE of them.

We need the misfits who dream of making a difference. We need the rebels who break all the barriers in the way of their goal. We need the lunatics who dare to defy seven billion people and prove them all wrong.

Because, as Steve Jobs (probably the most famous misfit of them all) once said;

The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.


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