Ben Quadros is my grandfather. Is and not was because to me, and to everyone who has ever loved him, he will always be very much alive.

I know it’s hard to feel happy at a time like this but we really should because my grandpa led an incredible life.

He’s spent over fifty years with the girl of his dreams, he’s had two amazing children who he loved to pieces and he saw all four of his grandchildren grow up and love him unconditionally in return.

He’s lived all over India, spent several months vacationing in the United States and he’s made hundreds of lifelong friends along the way.

To add to that, my grandpa has impacted more lives than I can count; from all the stray animals he took under his wing and protected to all the people whose lives he’s lit up with his infectious laughter and entertaining stories, he’s been there for everyone who ever needed him.

The memories I’ve made with my grandpa over the years are ones that I will cherish for as long as I live.

All the times I stayed over at his house and watched Gene Kelly movies with him, all the time he took me for rides on his beloved bike, all the times he gave me ice cream and let me watch TV when my milk teeth fell out… They are moments that will stay with me forever.

In a way, my grandpa was a true superman; the number of people whose lives he’s brightened is amazing and has blessed him tremendously.

I’m proud to be able to honestly say that I think I have the best grandfather in the whole world. And today, as we prepare ourselves to bid farewell to his earthly vessel, I’d like to urge you not to be sad that he’s gone, but to rejoice for what he was and what he continues to be.

I love you, grandpa.


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