Surprise, Surprise!

We’re not even two months into 2017 and Beyoncé, queen of just about everything, has already made my year.

Two weeks ago, the music mogul broke the news that she is pregnant with twins and the internet had a total MELTDOWN; from Twitter to Instagram to Tumblr to Snapchat, Queen Bey’s announcement took social media by a complete storm.

The picture she posted of her baby bump smashed the record for the image with the most likes in Instagram history, getting over seven MILLIONS thumbs ups in less than an hour [if that doesn’t show you the tremendous power she wields on us mere mortals, I don’t know what does].

The fact that she’s managed to keep this from us from us for so long just goes to show you that impossible really is nothing; Beyoncé is easily one of the most closely-followed pop stars today, yet she manages to maintain an impenetrable curtain of privacy around her personal life.

Even though she’s got paparazzi trailing every move, obsessed fans analyzing every aspect of her life, the entire WEBSITES dedicated to dissecting everything she does, Beyoncé manages to stay in control. We only see what she wants us to see.

Just last year, she dropped her smash-hit, multi-platinum album “Lemonade” out of the blue. Fans went CRAZY, tabloids were dumbfounded and streaming websites crashed because of all the sudden traffic.

NOBODY saw it coming, despite the fact that in 2015 Beyoncé pulled the same exact stunt and dropped a surprise album outta’ nowhere.

In spite of all our collective stalking, Beyoncé manages to surprise us Every. Single. Time.

The fact that she has always managed to stay three steps ahead of all of us despite being one of the most closely-scrutinized celebrities in the world makes me wonder how many more secrets she’s keeping carefully hidden, waiting for just the right time to unleash them.

Till the next bombshell, though, let’s all sit back and admire the perfection that is Queen Bey. Among the million reasons we ought to worship her for, we can all shout out an enormous “THANK YOU” for proving, once and for all, that women can be Moms AND run the world at the same time.


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