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A Dog’s Life

See the innocence in its eyes

Its lead a life of starvation and despise

But do we care about it??

Hear it’s moan circle the air

It feels completely in despair

Nobody to turn to

It has nobody to love…

Is this acceptable??

It’s right over might

It’s a life of misery…

It’s a Dog’s life.

Do we care about them??

Shivering in the cold

Doesn’t seem right,

But it’s a Dog’s life…

I clutch it tight

Don’t let it go

Feels warm compared to the snow..

Hear it cry

Seems quite relieved

See another stray

Tail between its paws

Why are we so mean

Is there a case?

Poor thing has nobody to turn to

Nobody to love

Is this acceptable

It’s right over might

It’s a life of misery

It’s a Dog’s life

Do we think about them shivering in the cold

Doesn’t seem right

But it’s a Dog’s life

My Apologies… And A Whole New Opportunity.

Hey. It’s me.

I’m really sorry for not being able to upload my blog these past few days, but that’s only because I was very busy. Now that I have time, I’d like to wish you a merry Christmas and a happy New year. I know that it’s late in the day, but better late than never, don’t you think?? Now that I’m finally at it again, let me explain the adventures of the past few days…

“Malaika!” I yelled. “That’s the last time I’m letting you guard my lunch!”

“Sorry, Okay?” Malaika apologized halfheartedly, her mouth full of my sandwich. I’d left her in charge of my lunchbox to meet my sister. But instead of guarding it, she walloped half of my peanut butter sandwich.

“Whatever.” I hissed as I snatched my box. Malaika is my best friend. But sometimes I wonder if I’m making a big mistake. She’s originally from U.A.E, but she moved to Goa last year. ‘Today’s our ‘appointment’, if  you will, with Principal.” I reminded her. “Yeah. Right. So when. The period after recess?” Malaika asked me.

“That’s what he said.” I replied.

Time flew by, and it was soon time to face Principal. I wasn’t nervous, because I had discussed my opinion with him many-a-time with him before, but Mal was trembling. “Don’t worry.” I tried to calm her. “He’s really kind.”

“I hope so.”

I don’t think she was reassured by my words. We knocked on sir’s wooden door. “Come in.” We heard a kind, gentle masculine voice respond to our knock.

“Good morning sir!” Mal and I greeted in unison.

“Good morning Trusha and…” “Malaika.” Mal completed his sentence. “Malaika. Yes. So, what do you guys want now?” Sir Alan asked us.

“It’s this idea that we think would work with corporation from you, the teachers and the other students.” I spoke up. “I’m all ears.” Sir Alan folded his legs. “Well, sir, there’s our school dog, V.V, and we think she’s not getting the appropriate food. Her diet is terrible.” I began.

“So Trusha and I have made this thing called V.V trust. It’s all about donating money or food for the benefits of V.V” Mal explained.

“And we’d give her weekly bath, we’d exercise her as often as possible. Please say yes sir!” I pleaded. “Why? Why won’t I say yes?” Sir Alan joked. Then he looked at us seriously. “I think that it’s a jolly good idea, Trusha. Very good.” Sir congratulated.

“Sir, and if you don’t mind, could we use some of the paper from the computer lab to make posters?” I requested. “No. You can’t draw them. But I will make arrangements so that you will be able to print them on one of our machines.” Sir teased. “Thank you so much!” Both of us chorused. (That’s why we are so much at ease when making conversation with him.)

That day has passed more than two weeks ago. Malaika and I really try to exercise v.v, but she refuses to budge unless we throw pedigree or a pancake in the air. She has this “laze craze” as I call it. But apart from that, the V.V trust has been running smoothly. She has improved, of course, and whenever I’m on the corridors and she’s on the steps, she rushes to greet me. I love her very much.

Don’t feel jealous Feni! I love you too!