I Exam, Therefore I Am

I have a theory that there is no feeling as beautifully refreshing as the relief that washes over you when you realize that your exams are over. Finished. Wrapped up. Done-dana-done-done.

And while I have no scientific evidence to back up my thesis, I’m pretty sure that if I surveyed a bunch of people, I’d reach the same exact conclusion; exams coming to an end is the best news EVER [yes, even better than there being pizza for dinner].

Which is why I am currently perched in front of the desktop with a family-sized tub of Tiramisu ice cream and a gallon of lemonade by my side, furiously typing away at the keyboard with exactly zero worries on my mind.

I mean, sure, considering how school began more than a week ago and I am yet to open a text book, I’m already WAY behind my classmates and that’s worrying me a teensy bit.

And I’m pretty certain that my music teacher is not going to be very pleased when he realizes that I haven’t touched my guitar in a month [in my defense, there were SO MANY great movies released in September and did you really expect me to sit around and do nothing about it?? From Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children to The Girl on the Train, I watched them all, first day, first show, which didn’t really leave me with much time to strum away] so maybe I’m a bit tense about that.

Oh, and I have all these competitions coming up which I am not at ALL prepared for, so I’m a wee bit nervous about getting my under-prepared butt kicked.

And don’t even get me started on the pathetic condition my blogs are in [they haven’t been updated in ages and ages and my follower count has been stagnant since 1997, not exactly a good sign]. The amount of work I need to put in to get them back on track is enough to get my heart racing [and not in a good way].

But, really, all these minor details cease to make a difference when it hits me that the exams have left us. Just like a harsh and troublesome winter, the exams have passed to give way to a lush, luxuriant spring and making the most of that is all I’m worried about at the moment.

Because now all I have to worry about is report card day.

Oh God.



They crackle and pop and hiss and melt

To glory, in the microwave

This traditional theatre tidbit’s

Turned me into a salivating slave

With oodles of churned butter and

A warm and fluffy taste,

It makes me automatically speed-eat

Like as if I’m in a haste

But I’m definitely not, I’m OBVIOUSLY not,

I’m in the OPPOSITE of a hurry

If anything, I want to SAVOUR it,

NOT pass it in a flurry!!

But it’s just SO YUM that I can’t stop,

One fistful, then anotehr,

I’ve got to make sure that I eat more

Than my equally-ravenous brother!

After 30-full-seconds of stuffing my face

My fingers brush the bottom of the tin,

But there’s no time to feel the gut-busting despair,

Because Mom’s already bringing the next tub in!!

[Bless her]

Frozen [Movie Review #1] -Oh, and ALL movie reviews have spoliers. I mean, DUH-

Let me start by saying; Gosh, that movie was HOT!! [The cruel irony of the film industry, eh??]

I couldn’t TEAR my eyes off the TV screen even for a short potty break. [yeah, I just said “potty”] I mean, SERIOUSLY. [OK, I said the “P” word in public. Now could you please get over it??] It was THAT great. [POTTY!!!! POTTY!!!! POTTY!!!!! Is THAT POTTYlicious enough for you?? You poop hating FREAKS!!!!!!]

-Let’s start this over-

Under usual circumstances, I would begin a movie review with maybe a few newspaper ratings and boring stats like the sold-out theatres, broken records, blah, blah, blah. But, let me remind you, there is NOTHING normal about Frozen, the SENSATIONAL animated Disney movie that won TWO Oscars at the 86th academy awards [there I go with the stats again].

From the moment the picture started, I was GLUED. My whole body tensed up, waiting for the next revelation. I had so many questions, and I was blood hungry for the answers.

The clothes were elegant, the story itself was quite interesting, the songs were catchy and fun to sing along to, [not that I have them on Replay or anything. Why would I?? Right??] it was very child-friendly and clean.

It WAS cliche, I’ll admit it. [Princess meets Prince. Princess falls in love with Price. Princess marries Prince. Princess meets Man Who Sells Ice. Man Who Sells Ice falls in love with Princess. Princess finds out that Prince is not in love with her and wants to take over her kingdom. Princess dumps Prince. Princess falls in love with Man Who Sells Ice. The End. -OK, it may not be THAT cliche…-] But it did have tons of original ideas. Like the Snowman, Olaf. [A personal favorite]

Although it was very, very good, I have a few doubts I want to clear with the script writers. I mean,

Why did Elsa have magic powers that she didn’t even want?? Couldn’t she somehow magically donate it to someone who actually cared two hoots whether they could shoot frost out of their hands?? [Like me??]

Why did Anna want Else back so badly?? Even after Elsa practically KILLED her at her ice-fort thingy. Yeah, this is a true demonstration of  a sister’s love and all, but when does this happen in REAL life?? [The place where dancing dollops of snow and rock-trolls don’t exist]

How on EARTH does Kristoff’s [A.K.A Man Who Sells Ice] reindeer live THAT long?? AND be so fit and healthy?????????

I’d love to go on, but Mum’s calling me in for lunch. Boy, am I starving!! And we’re having my favorite today; Food!! I’ll see you later, Reader. Oh, and FOLLOW!!!!!