Love Story

I knew it was love from the moment we met,

From the moment your stench hit my nose,

You smelled like onions and chicken and chew toys and fun,

Canine-human marriage is legal, I suppose??



She sits and licks her rear end

Glued-to-spot all day

From the beginning of the frosty year to

Halfway through May

Her ears flip strangely

And her snout is turning pink

She also is too lazy

To go and fetch a drink

But she’s mine and I love her

More than I can tell

Oh, sweet mutt of mine

Please break the spell!

Feni Makes it Five – 2.0

Feni makes it five

My heart thumped as mum pulled up her scarlet coupe just as we reached the asphalt. I hastily unbuckled the mauve seat belt that held me prisoner and bolted out of the automobile. ‘Careful Taylor,’ mum cautioned as I darted across the pavement. ‘Yeah, mum,’ I answered, slowing my pace and waiting for my mother to catch up with me.

I stifled an excited giggle while mum smartly knocked on the wooden door of the house mentioned in the advertisement in the paper. My sister clutched my mother’s brocade blouse. ‘Is this the lady’s house, mummy?’ She asked innocently, her eyes widening. ‘Yes, it is Violet,’ mum replied, rapping the door once more. I, quite unlike my younger sibling, couldn’t keep still. My fingers fidgeted with my strawberry blonde hair that was tied in a messy pony.

Yes! I thought to myself. This is it! This is the day! I’m going to get a puppy!! I chuckled in delight. My plan had worked. All those hours spent in coaxing mum wasn’t going waste after all!

I rubbed my hands in anticipation. Just as mum withdrew her hand from the door it swung open. ‘Hello there,’ A feminine voice boomed. ‘I reckon you’re here to check out the puppies,’ the woman continued. ‘Yes, we are,’ mum replied, stepping into the tastefully done up manor. ‘Well, hurry up and come in,’ the lady said to us. ‘The puppies will meet you any moment.’

We obediently entered, following our mum in silence. Scarcely had we seated ourselves when an energetic trio of Labrador’s came bounding out of a bedroom. I immediately sprang back onto my feet, eager to greet them. My eyes gleamed as I picked up one of the pups and squeezed her gently. I knelt on the floor and let myself be licked all over.

Violet forgot all about her shy ways and scrambled next to me. ‘Aren’t these adorable??’ She asked me, petting one of the Labs who playfully tugged at her pastel skirt. I just nodded.

The rest of the evening passed on in a split second, or so it seemed to me. Violet and I had the time of our lives, grooming the dogs and grooming their fur with soft bristle brushes. ‘Well,’ mum announced at last. ‘Girls, it’s time you choose a pup. We’d better get going in the next ten minutes,’ she added, flashing a disapproving look as she glanced at her wrist watch.

‘I’m not sure… I love them all the same, mummy!’ I squealed, flopping onto the futon with one of the dog’s cradled in the crook of my arms. ‘Well… I like the quiet one best,’ Violet declared, meekly pointing to the pup who I was trapping in a warm embrace.

‘Let’s take her then,’ mum affirmed, standing up. She and the mistress of the puppies spoke in hushed tones (about the price, maybe?) while I fondled the pup’s ears. ‘Come on girls,’ my mum commanded after a bit. I scooped up the selected puppy in my arms, but not before exchanging tearful farewells with the other doggies.

We bade good bye to the lady and were soon backing out the drive in the safety of mum’s trusty car. ‘You know what, mum?’ I asked. ‘Yeah, Taylor,’ my mum prompted. ‘I think I’m finally content,’ I said, to which mum could only laugh. I cast a side ward glance at Feni. It looked like she felt the same way.

Diary of the best-est doggie! – My Boney and me…

18/3/2012   Sunday

Hey. It’s Feni (the great) here! Wanna’ hear about yesterday’s escapades? Here goes my tragic story…

Wistful Feni

My big sis, (I call her “Tee”) always loves to see me exercise. According to her, I’m a “lazy lump,” but I see it as “obedient.”  Anyway, the first time she called me by the word “run,” I knew that something was up. But, as usual, I can’t be so smart all the time, can I? So I jogged up to her, (she calls it crawling) and then she threw my favouritest bone on the lawn. That got me furious. How dare she? She never flings her toys out, does she? So I went back a few steps, and then raced down with all the speed and force I’d got.

My tongue hanging out, I searched all over the lush, green grass for my dear bone, but in vain. Now comes the unfair part. Tee used her newest gadget that she calls “specz” to locate my purple bone in no time at all. It looks like two oval pieces of glass attached to a steel wire that I think has the ability to indicate whenever anyone’touches it, because whenever I try to steal it to try it out for myself, her voice comes from nowhere, booming, ‘Feni, drop it!’  How come she gets the cool stuff?

Coming back to my miserable day, she then picks up boney and waves it in front of my nose, trying to boast about how she found it faster than me. That stinks, because if she didn’t have glasses I would’ve found it way quicker than her.

To make things worse (if that’s possible) she’ll throw boney once again, and this time, down the very steep slope at the back. She then expects me to dash after it, which, as you probably know, I definitely WON’T do. So I sit there, comfortably on the sand, waiting for her to make a move. After all, she threw my bone out in the first place, didn’t she? Then approaches Trikaya, Tee’s devilish sister. Both of them would make a really good pair of first class Satans, if you ask me. Trikaya’ll push my fragile rear end, and I’ll promptly go rolling down the slope. Curse those kids!

Then they’ll prompt me to fetch my bone, which makes no sence, because they’ll eventaully throw it back. So I don’t move, and then comes mom. She’s kind of the best person in the family, because she is my food supplier. She’ll run across to my bone, making my really angry. She just comes along and steals my boney! I ran as fast as the speed of light and manage to reach before her by two seconds. I grab my bone, and try to reach home before any more crazy family members arrive. But Tee, her sis and mom chase me till I’m ready to drop dead. But they still won’t leave me.

So I escape, by running to the kitchen via my secret way, behind the garage and through the utility. But they start scolding me because I’m not allowed into the kitchen. Phew! Gimme’ a break man! So after a lecture, I’m forced to lap cold water (which Tee generously poured into my bowl. She does that every time I do any kind of exercise) and then flop down under the bed. Finally, peace!

Tee and Trikaya come to fondle my ears, because frankly, I think that nobody can ignore my irresistible features. Then I was called for lunch and things seemed reasonably better. And, you may not believe it, but my parents developed their brains so much in one day that they decided that, instead of torturing me, to reward me with a bowl of sumptuous vanilla flavoured ice cream every time we went for a walk or ran or anything! I pranced around the whole house with joy. Yippee! Finally, things were going my way. And that’s what I call sweet, baby!

Secret agent Feni,

Over and out!

Diary of the best-est doggie! (An introduction)

Hey! It’s me, Trusha. And I’m back, after ever-so-long! This whole post is about Feni, with a twist. Wondering what that means?? Read on, folks!



Ms Feni

Hi. It’s me, Feni, the amazing. My sis, Trusha, must’ve told you about me. I’m not as greedy as she describes, you know. I’m actually really composed, mature and loving. And I love my mom, Bennita. She’s the greatest person ever. My father and granddad are awesome too. And my grandma? Well, all I can say is that with a bit of coaxing, I can twist her any way I want around my little paw. No kidding. If I roll on the floor and display my most adorable doggie-eyes, I can get her to do anything for me. And I love my sisters also. They really bug me at times, but otherwise, they love me loads (I hope). My hobbies are snoozing, smooching and relaxing (How can I help that? I’m a Goan!). Oh, and I do like eating, but, as I said before, I’m no greedy dog. (I do admit that I’m a wee bit too lazy.)

My favourite place in the world (except my home) is the pet vet’s… hospital thingy. I love visiting the hospital because of three reasons.

1) Because I get to meet really handsome dogs there.

2) Whenever I go there, I’m guaranteed at least one scrumptuous chew. Yum!

So those are… what? I said three? Well, I miscalculated, alright? Coming back to the point, those are the reasons I love the place. I go there on regular visits. That’s the best part.

People (and a few dogs) say I’m… well… fat. But if anything, I’m totally underweight. I just weigh like thirty kilos. And I’m very proud of my skinny figure. And, just for info, I visit the gym daily and do a workout for about six hours. Fine, just one hour. Okay, okay. Once a month, but that’s better than nothing, right?

And I’m sure that once I’m skinny and all, they’ll all get super hyper and start stuffing me with eggs and milk and all sorts of fats. So I save them the trouble by being a bit… not so slim. And instead of thanking me, they gasp at me and make fun of me and all sorts of stuff. It’s worse than a dog’s life. And if not for the chaos and utter confusion that it would’ve caused if I vanished one night, I would’ve run away long ago.

Another reason why I’ve not run away yet is the living condition after I’m on the road. There’ll be stinky strays and dirty pigs. It’s just that I’m so perfect that I just can’t bear mangy mutts and the rest. I’m a home dog, not a bit of trash.

Hey, one sec. Yup’, that’s my sister’s van arriving. I’d better go and greet them, or they’ll make a big deal out of it and call me all sorts of names. I’ll see you guys later, okay?

Secret agent Feni,

Over and out.  

Feni, Oh, Feni!

It was a hot afternoon, the 14th of August, the day just before my birthday. I was turning ten! I would “fit in” better at the clubs at my school. I was really excited. I was just lazing in my courtyard, when Feni, my darling little pup, came running out of the dining room. She jumped onto me (almost bursting my stomach) and started licking every visible part of my body. I giggled and she did so.

Then out of nowhere… a few hens came dashing into my one acre property. I didn’t bother to shoo them away, because I knew that Feni would do that, and sure enough, in a few moments, Feni was out in the sunshine, chasing them like crazy. I laughed so much that my tummy ached when Feni could not catch the swift hens. Of course, they flew about a bit, but all in all, they outsmarted Fenuma. Finally, all but one hen were safely back in their little-hen coop. Th poor little last-hen was searching frantically all over the place for a good hiding spot. Then it did something really foolish…

I was watching “the chase”, when the hen mad a dash for the deserted, green forest next to my house (well, deserted except for a few animals). I thought that Feni would give up, but no! She was determined to catch the last hen, and would make sure it happened at all costs. She ran to the little stone wall which was built by my house’s previous owners. I knew what she would try to do next. She’ll try to leap over the wall and race after the poor hen, and maybe never be found again.

I, panic stricken, ran to my slippers and ran like the wind to the place where Feni was standing. She took one last glance at me, and jumped over the wall. I knew I had no time to waste, so I quickly ran towards the long way to the forest. As I reached the forest’s entrance I crossed my fingers. Feni could be lost even now, all alone in the deep, dark woods. The ferocious barks of my next door neighbor’s German shepherd’s  made me all the more terrified (though now come to think of it, I really don’t  quite know why). I hoped that I could see her, wherever she was. I quickly turned and there she was, standing right in the middle.

I ran like I never did before, and grabbed her. The prickly thorns were scratching my bare legs really bad, but I didn’t care. My only thought was to get her back. To make matters worse, she didn’t even have a collar, so I couldn’t eve pull her all the way home. That meant….. I’d have to carry her!!! Can you imagine a 27kg. girl carrying a 21kg. dog? I couldn’t, but I had to.

I pulled her out of there somehow, and then started my long journey home, or so it seemed. Two (main) things that made the journey seem longer were:

1) When we passed the pigsty, Feni wanted to know what it contained. So she strode along to it. Fortunately, you couldn’t enter the pigsty without entering the backyard, so I pulled her back to me (Which is quite a task!).

2) She would not stop wriggling! Whatever I did she wriggled and wriggled like a very wriggly wriggle worm. That made me tired and almost impossible to carry her.

By the time I reached home I was totally exhausted. I decided that in future, if hens do come into our property, I will also them myself!!!