Field Fun


‘Don’t you dare touch my pony!’

‘Gosh! You’re so touchy! What’s up?’

‘Guys! I think Miss Belle wants us to go down again!’ 

‘Again? No way man!’

‘Sorry. Hey, there she goes again! Stop it Natalie!’

‘Tee? I hope that you got you’re lunch box. At this rate, we’ll never enter the factory, forget taste a sample!’

Those are the topics my BFF’s and I were discussing just after we reached the Monginis cake factory. I was almost dying of thirst, and my friends were busy gabbing. The fact that the factory was just beside me, and, despite that, we were standing in the scorching Sun, being burned alive. ‘This is so NOT what I expected.’ I grumbled. ‘Same here. This is so lame.’ Malaika, one of my friend’s complained. This was followed by a series of yes’s from our classmates.’The fourth graders have already entered. Just because we are older doesn’t mean that we should be roasted like this. I hate this.’  Rachel, another girl from the lot added with a sigh.

In about fifteen minutes, Miss Belle, our teacher, gestured for us to get inside. I obediently followed the others inside, and watched in awe at the marvelously crafted and designed edible masterpieces. So wow! Right now, we were at the main department, and I could see the almost finished but for touch-ups cakes through the glass windows to the finishing department. 

In the main dept., there were many interesting things in making. First, there was a batch of butter cookies, that was being designed. Then there were trays of prawn patties (I didn’t glance at it, but Malaika told me about it) and steaming hot platters of some strange substance. Everyone working there were quite rude, and whenever I had a doubt and asked them for an answer, they would just glare at me like as if I had just come out of prison for for murdering someone. Talk about unfriendly! 

But at the finishing dept., everything (or almost everything) was absolutely different. For starters, it was totally air-conditioned. And there was an aroma of chocolate globs and lemon extracts and strawberry pastes and orange twirls and raspberry swirls…you get the idea. The people working there were friendly, and politely answered all our questions. That’s what I call difference. As we exited the factory, a security handed us slices of sponge cake with mango spread on top. I took a bite and was teleported to the world of DE-licious. Lovely.

I guess that if we cut out the part where we’re shielding out eyes from the Sun, we could call it a fab-tastic field trip.  


Cake Blast

Hey there!! It’s me again. And I really have to tell you about my class field-trip, that’s to take place in a day’s time. Well, you’ll never guess where we’re going. Not in a million years! So I’ve decided to let you in on it. We’re going to…wait for it…the Mongini’s cake factory! I never thought that we’d go there. And Trikaya, my sister, is going with her class to an ice-cream factory (personally, I’d rather go there)! She’s so lucky, but so am I. It’s not every kid that get’s to enter a cake (or ice-cream) factory, is it?

And it’s definitely better than last year’s excursion. We went to Old Goa! Don’t know what or where that is?  Well, they’re a crumbling, old churches and temples of, prehistoric time! No, that’s an exaggeration. You could say…that they stood for the last couple of centuries.

So, back to the point, as you can see, there’s a drastic change in our principal sir’s taste of “kid’s fun” in just a about a year! Amazing, isn’t it. So, the picnic’s only on Thursday, and as I have nothing more to say at the moment on my field trip, I’d better end. But don’t worry. I will update you on my trip as soon as mom let’s me use her computer again. Okay? Thanks for being so co-operative, and forgive me for the micro-organism length of this post, but you know the reason.



A day of fun!

It was a really cold morning in the village of Curtorim. I was getting ready for another school day. But today, I was even more excited than usual! I was going for my class field trip! We were going to Velha Goa. Velha, means “old” in Konkani.

My class mates and I had to travel to Old Goa by bus. We had to take food with us and we also had to take a water bottle. As I reached my school, I felt like jumping up and touching the sky. When I reached class, I was greeted by  friends. They too, were really excited. After a little while, our teacher entered the class. She was smiling a very big smile indeed.

We went out of the class in a single, assembly line and into the open school grounds, our principal told us a few words and then we entered our bus. Soon enough, the bus started. We were singing with joy. I sat with one of my friends, Eveline Amber Kayligh Luis. We chatted most of the journey, and then we finally had to get down.

Our first stop was a entrance from which the Portuguese entered Goa. They came by water. We stood in our lines and gazed at it for a few minutes. Then, the buses came and we boarded our respective ones. This was the plan for the following trip-

We were first going to a temple. Then a church and after that another church. Then we would be taken to a park opposite the church to have our snacks.

As we entered the temple we took out our shoes and kept them on a shoe rack. We then went in a line towards the temple with our teacher leading the line. I saw a bell dangling at the beginning of the temple. I rang it.  We prayed for a little while and then were given holy water to drink. as we went a bit further, we were given a flower to keep. We went around the whole temple. We thought it was really beautiful.Then we went out.

We mounted the bus again and drove to the first church. We had to cross the main road, so we all held hands and crossed. As we entered the grounds of the church, I saw a beautiful tree that shed pink leaves every two minutes. I wished that it was in my school grounds so that I could see it every day. We entered the church and prayed again. The church looked really pretty. We soon exited this church, too.

I didn’t know that the next church was just down the street. It was just as beautiful as the previous one and had the same pink-leaved trees that the other church had. This church had a story to it to. As we entered the church, I saw a huge, wooden cross. I asked my friend why it was so big and she told me that there were once three children that made a small wooden cross with a few twigs. It was about 1 foot tall. They dug it in the mud and went home, meaning to come back the next day. But they didn’t come the next day. Nor did they come the day after that. They didn’t even come the day after that. A few moths past and they suddenly remembered. But when they reached there, there was no cross made of twigs. Instead there was a huge, handsome cross, cleaned and  beautifully polished. They didn’t know what to do so they took it to the church. And there it stood till today.

I liked the story. We soon headed out of he church ad wet inside a park. We had our snacks there. My friends and I got a picnic mat and shared it between us. When we finished eating we got onto the bus and headed to the school campus. I was really sad that this day had ended, but I had a lot of fun.

My mother came to pick me up along with my sister and I narrated the whole trip to them. It had truly been a wonderful day!