Once upon a time…*Sigh*

Once upon a time, I was what every girl wants to be. The best at EVERYTHING. I was the star of the football team, 10/10 student, karate sir’s best pupil, music sir’s pet, class teacher’s “angel,” Feni’s master, my sisters role model, national gold medalist… I wasn’t able to do anything wrong!

Now all I can say is its totally different. I’m still a national gold medalist, the star of my football team, teachers “angel” and music sir’s pet. But I’m not Feni’s master, my sister’s role model, karate sir’s best pupil or a 10/10 student (I’m now a 9/10 student. I’m among karate sir’s top 5, but not the best. Feni kind of listen’s to me, but mom’s the master, and I fight too much with my sister to be her role model. Why me?).

My heart let’s out a long groan when I see a 9/10 or 9 and a 1/2 on top of my test paper. Why couldn’t it be a ten? AAAH! This is so frustrating! And when I see my sister admiring someone as much as she used to admire me, (even though I don’t let it show) I feel like I’m no longer a good sister (not that I ever was. ūüôā ). Feni sometimes ignores my frantic shouts for her. Like as if she’s superior to¬†me!¬†Talk about attitude! And about karate? Well, here’s a detailed story of my thoughts before class:

Get this straight, before the competition and my long SIX MONTH (can you BELIEVE it?) break, I was known as Trusha, the Terror in my karate class. Want to know why? Because I used to beat every single opponent standing in front of me. Boys and girls. (Except Raymond, the biggest guy in class. Come on, he’s fifteen going on sixteen, and I’m a shrimp of ten. But I DID best him once.) Now, the tables were turned. After my long holiday which, my mom forced me to take, there was a new terror in class, Samuel Jackson. He doesn’t exactly show technique, but once you step in front of him, he blindly starts punching and kicking. I couldn’t beat him. It seemed impossible. Even Raymond seemed a bit intimidated in front of him! Serena, the timid, easy-to-fight yellow belt beat me twice! I couldn’t believe it! What was happening? Why was this happening to ME?? I spoke to mom about this. She told me that maybe my asthma (its an inflammatory disease of the airways , and that causes me to pant for breath and wheeze many a time) may be a blessing in disguise. I understood what she meant immediately! Everything that I ever wanted, I could get if I just tried a little hard. That was the problem. I never had to strain and struggle like the others had to. Now was my turn. So I gathered up all my determination, and boldly stepped into class. (Actually, not so boldly. I had cried just before reaching, because I was so nervous of letting my sir down.) There, I took my place, and was surprised to see a guy with three Black Belts sitting next to me. He looked like in his early twenties. I somehow got the urge to impress him, so I tried my hardest x10 that class. It paid off. I not only beat Samuel, but managed to defeat Serena leisurely. The score was 4-2! I learned that she wasn’t a difficult opponent at all! It was a bit of strain to beat Samuel, but I did. 3-2. I was quite satisfied with myself, and learned that I still could do it, only if I put my mind at it. Now, I’m improving. I’ve become one of sir’s top 5. But my aim is to become his best.

Liked the story? Well, I kind of like it too! (Laughs)

I guess the lesson is, keep trying. You never know when luck will side you. I’m happy to report that after the two fights that I lost with Serena, I never lost to her again. That was quite easy, actually. And in December, I’m going to Singapore for the Internationals! Yaay! Plus, in August, I’m directly getting my purple belt, skipping my blue and maroon belt. Sir says he’s letting me do that because of the drastic improvement! And after coming back from the nationals in October, I’m going to receive my brown belt. Zoo-Wee-Mama! Then, In 2013, I may get my black belt, sir says.

But, all said, I still have to get my belts. So for now, its just hard work and devotion. I think I can manage that. I’m definitely going to raise my average from 9/10 to 10/10, with a lot of pouring over books. And if I could say one thing to life, it would be:



Practise Trusha, practise!

Hey! Well, am in a bit of a hurry, ’cause my competition’s today! I had to squeeze in time to blog, though, so…

When I was small, and lived in this beautiful villa in the locality of a place called ‘Palm’s Springs’, a friend of mine, Ria, was always giving me advice to help me do the activity better. She’d scream when I would try out my new dance style, ‘Trusha! Jumping is not dancing!’ And when I would start singing my favorite songs, she’d say, ‘Screaming is not singing!’ and when I would try to cycle but give up after a few seconds, she’d remind me ‘Practice, Trusha, practice!’

So, as you can see, she was there with me all the time, ready with one of her dialog even when I do the slightest thing wrong. At that time, I was really small, so I just ignored her, but now I understand that there was meaning in her words. When I head to my karate class nowadays, I keep chanting my mantra, ‘Practice Trusha, practice!’ It helps me, you know.

Just a few days ago, I was just lazing in the back seat of my father’s Hyundai Tucson, when it hit me with a bang. ‘It’, the competition, was only a few days away! I had not thought about it till that very moment. From August I was aware that it was three months away, and somehow it still felt like that! I practiced my heart out in the classes after that, and now I’m confident in what I’m going to put forward.

Today, I’m setting out for my competition in just a few hours. Wish me luck!

Change of Plans = Smashing Fun!

Hi! It’s me again!

First of all, I want to wish you a happy, really happy Diwali! I also¬†wanted you to know about a little bit of today’s adventures…

A guest, named Shiv, and his brother, Arya along with their parents, came to stay six days ago. We had like loads of fun and it got over all to soon. We played on the net, irritated some local kids, played on my PSP, did many games of connect four, went on a walk, managed a big quarrel and played dark room.

We were really enjoying each others company. And the best part was, Shiv was my age, so I wasn’t the eldest. (During their stay, Shiv had already stayed back with us while his parents and brother went shopping in Panjim.) All in all, we got more, much more than we had bargained for.

Then came the really dreaded day, the day when Shiv and Arya would leave!

My sis and I were really sad, and my sister was on the verge of crying. Actually, that was kind of, not-so-nice, because we had six whole days, packed-to-the-brim with fun, but farewells are always (mostly) sad.

Shiv’s face was drooping down, till Arya told him the good news. Herre’s what he told him-

ARYA (with a wink, don’t know why) – Hey, Shiv? Do you wanna stay back?
SHIV – Can I?
ARYA – With permission from mom and dad, I don’t see why not?

(By the way, Shiv and Arya live in Australia, but are Indians. They come to India once in two years. Also, now they were going to stay at a hotel in Goa.)

SHIV – Let’s go ask!

So the both of them raced to ask their parents. Their mom’s reaction was. ‘No way. You are going to stay with us, Shiv.’ And dad’s? ‘Yeah, go on. It’ll be a nice experience for you!’

I pleaded aunty to let Shiv stay on, but no was the answer. Finally, Shiv insisted on staying, and aunty had to give in. He dug out his clothes and came inside our house. We had to drop him at the hotel tomorrow. So, we played on the computer, and ate ice-cream. We raked the leaves, too, and sat amazed, watching them burn up, sending cloudy smoke into the air.

I had to change into my karate uniform when it became 4.00pm. My sis and I went for our karate class.


I was way beyond excited when we drove up the driveway. Maybe we could spend the night in the tent? It was going to be awesome! When I dashed inside, bad news awaited. Shiv’s mom could bear it no longer, and was coming back to pick Shiv up! In like an hour she would be arriving. We tried making the most of the time we had here, but our mind was only on his sudden change of the timing of his departure.

We watched T.V, And were about to head to the tent for a final game of connect 4, when the taxi drove up. Shiv obediently got out his clothes, said a really sad goodbye and drove off.

My sister threw a tantrum, but I think that it was bad on her part. Shiv stayed on with us for an extra eight hours. Plus, we might make it to his hotel tomorrow. We had a fun time, and I hope we meet again, soon!

Exhausting Prep…

Hi! Once again. I haven’t been able to blog in the past few the days, because of my now daily two and a half hour karate practice. Do you want to know why?? I’ll tell you, because of my karat competition! I’m so very excited! It’s starts at November 5th till November 7th. It’s going to be held at Bombay, so we’re going there by train. Now that I’ve told you so much, I’d better tell you the rest. So, here goes!-

I’m taking part in karate and weapons. It’s first of all a great honor to be chosen for the competition, and above that, I’m also in weapons! In the beginning, I thought that I would quit after my yellow belt. Now I think that I will not leave even after my black belt! I feel so attached to the sport, that I cant even imagine leaving it. It’s become a very big part of my life. Coming back to the competition, We’re going to leave on 4th. As there were no tickets of 1st class sleeper AC, for our journey to Bombay, we have to adjust in a 2nd class seater. But while coming back, though, we’ll be arriving in a 1st class sleeper, AC.

When we reach the station at Bombay, we will immediately board a taxi and head to our booked hotel, “Prince”. It’s three star, you know! As it will already be night, we’ll directly g to sleep. I have already told you about Ravi, the fifteen year old student of my admired sir. He’s the eldest, so two of us small kids will sleep with him, two with teacher, two with sir and one of the girl’s parents are coming. The girl will sleep with her parents along with another child. I’m to be sharing a room with my teacher, though it’s not confirmed yet.

In the morning, Ravi, sir and teacher will be going to the competition stage, because Ravi’s competition will be on the first day itself. Teacher and sir will entrust us with Sherman, the black belted student of sir. (He started martial arts at the age of 4, with the intention of becoming Jackie Chan! Now, we all address him as Jackie Chan, even sir and teacher. This year at January, he had won eight gold medals, two silver and one bronze. All at one shot. Sir expects him to get eighteen medals, gold medals, next time, and I’m sure he’ll live up to Sir’s expectations.) When sir and teacher come back, It’ll b evening, so we’ll have tea, do a little practice, and theory and ten fall asleep.

The next day, we’ll have to do our competition, from ten to fourteen. Thank goodness that I managed to turn ten just in time, so that I just skipped being in the 5 to 10 group. I would’ve won so may medals, but I’m looking for real competition, for a real win.

After that, we’ll relax while that last group battles it out in the ring. While coming back, we’ll lay back and have fun in the cool AC! It’ll be the best! I may even come on the paper! Wow!

PS- I will try to blog more frequently!

Karate Kid

Another sunny morning at Goa. It would’ve be another usual day, that is if not for my Karate exam! Time just flew by, and it feels like I got my orange belt just yesterday. But today, I would be getting my green belt! I become a¬† senior once I’ve got my green belt, in Karate terms. I quickly gobbled up my bananas and sandwiches and rushed to the bathroom for my bath.

My mom had woken up and was untying Feni from the table to go for her morning stroll. I quickly dressed up and took the car keys from the basket of keys. My mother was now taking her water bottle from the refrigerator. My sister (who had woken up) was dressing up.My mom went to our garage and entered the car.My mom reversed the car, and I entered it, followed by my sister. We made a dash for it. It was 7-47, I had just enough time to reach karate class at 8-00.


‘All the best! And remember those few mistakes you made yesterday. Bye’ My mom said as I stepped out of the car. We had reached my karate sir’s house, the place where the exam would be conducted this time. Samni, a little girl who is five and who is in my karate class, had reached the same time as me. I took her and and the both of us climbed the stairs of sir’s building, in order to reach his flat.

As we reached, we took out our slippers and started our warm up. Most of the children were already sitting, since they had finished their warm up exercises. Soon my warm up was done so¬† I sat down next to the senior most student, and all so my best friend in karate class, Prathicksha. She’s just six, and she’s already got her maroon belt. She’s appearing for her purple belt, the next belt, exam. She has the highest belt in class.

The white belts were told to stand up. Most of the white belts were not known to me, because my teacher takes another batch of students and trains them separately. The only two white-belts from our class were Ishan, a totally-too-cute 3-4 year old boy, and Samni, the 5 year old girl I helped up the stairs. They were definitely the most cute white belts that exam. When they were asked individually to do the different stances, surprisingly, Ishan and Samni knew them all! And the two of them even knew all of the standing basics! It was so amazing to watch the two performing so well. I mean, who would’ve thought that they had the capacity to remember so much? Not me, or any other student in my karate class for sure!

The smaller white belts, including the Ishan and Samni, were to go home at 10-00 while the seniors like me and the rest were to stay on till 12-00. Our karate teacher had told each of us (and our parents, too) specifically not to drink milk or eat anything heavy that morning, but we had to eat something one hour before coming, but one boy in our class decided to eat French toast for breakfast, and before we knew it, he vomited it all out.

Our karate’s teachers flat is rather tiny, so we were all rushed out of the room. Some of us naughty ones decided to do a bit of exploring, so we wet up the stairs a bit higher up and saw the house of a man called Vikram Singh. On further exploring, we found the main door wide open and many pairs of foot ware outside it. We all crowded near the door and found a big LCD T.V. There was also a big aquarium by it’s side. It was a very attractive aquarium, though. I wanted to be on the safer side and skipped downstairs while a few other children were still gaping at the house.

Soon enough, everyone was down at the staircase like me. Our teacher called us back in. The vomit was cleaned. The poor boy was feeling quite feverish. I felt pity on him. Then came the time for the yellow belts to do their stances and standing basics. There were a few errors, of course, but all in all, the yellow belts did quite well. Then the white belts had to do their kathas, which are a series of defenses and attacks.

Apart from Ishan and Samni, there were two other small white belts. They first did their kathas. It was quite good, for beginners. Then came the time for Ishan and Samni to do their kathas. It was hilarious. The both of them had to do it together, because they were still really small. Ishan took hold of Samni’s hand and both of them went to the center of sir’s tiny hall. Teacher told them, ‘Do how much ever you can. Okay?’ Ishan nodded his head.

He bowed and then started the Katha. He did some sort of vague step after step, and after a few pauses he turned to Samni, who was standing like a statue since she didn’t know anything, ‘What are you doing?’ he shouted at her, sending the class into fits of laughter. Even teacher had to smile. Samni promptly followed every move that Ishan made. Together, they were a sight. Soon, Ishan nodded his head, bowed once again, and went back to his place, with Samni close behind.

Now came the serious bit, the junior fight. Ishan had to fight with a bigger boy, but you can guess who won. Ishan, of course. The bigger boy wasn’t paying attention, when Ishan gave him a very powerful punch. The bigger boy almost fell down. It was a great and fair fight.

Now, finally, it was the time that teacher would tell us the marks of the smallest white belts. This is the scheme-
60-69 marks.-bronze medal.

70-79 marks-silver medal.

80-100 marsks.gold medal.

And you need a score of at least 40 to pass.

The two girls apart from Ishan and Samni both got 40-45 marks.But here comes the surprising news. Samni got 60 marks and Ishan got 70!! Can you believe it? Such a small chap, getting 70? Out of this world. I was aiming for gold medal, though.

Coming back to the exam…

Now came the time for seniors to do their stances. I was fourth one to be called, so I had people doing their stances before and after me. Very soon, I was called in the middle of the hall. I stood there and bowed. Then I held my belt and got ready for my stances. My teacher kept calling out different names, I kept doing them. Finally I went back to my place. Then we were called one by one for our standing basics. I did that pretty well, I think.

After that we were called for Kihon. Kihon means going in front with your kick or punch. I got stuck at the part where teacher told me to do the back kick. As far as I remember, teacher had never thought it to me, so I told it to her. But she objected and said that she knew that she had thought it to me. So I just kept quite.

Shortly after Kihon, we had to do Katha, my favorite bit. My strong point is the Katha of the exam. I did it really well, and my loud voice is like a power supply. I sat down after my three Kathas, satisfied. Then came the main part of the exam. The fight. all the seniors had to fight with Ravi, the biggest boy in class (14 years). I had to fight with him second. I don’t know how I managed it, but I won. I t was 4/2. Ravi got 2 and I got 4.

I had to fight with a few others and won every match. It was loads of fun. Then came makhiwara, when you have to punch and kick bags. My round kick came surprisingly well. That was followed by conditioning.

I did less than what I was supposed to do because I have asthma and was hospitalized not a week ago (actually exactly a week ago). Then came the most important and serious bit. the marks were read out. Ravi got 60 and a bronze medal. The boy who got sixty last exam got 52 or something like that. Prathicksha got 50. And I got, guess what?


I got the most marks in class, of course, tied with Ishan! But I did! Yey!



Today, as I walked to my karate class, holding my sister’s hand, I felt extremely nervous. Today is my karate exam. I was prepared for it, but how much ever you practice, you can’t help feeling really scared, and wishing that the class was just getting over and that you had already finished your exam.

My sister didn’t have her exam today because our karate sir chose only a few children from our class to do the exam this time. I was¬†¬† really proud to be chosen. I had done the exam once before and I had done pretty well. But, I am hoping to do better. As I walked in to the class, and greeted my teacher and sir, I felt really scared. Last time I hadn’t even got a bronze medal, though I needed more than sixty marks to get one. I knew it was really tough to get even fifty, but I will try my best.

My teacher soon called out my name to do various stances. I stood up, and walked in front of her. The whole class stared at me. I quickly finished all the stances she had on her list. My sister showed me a thums-up and I smiled.

My mother was also there for half the exam.

Soon my name was called out again for my Katha. A Katha is a sequence of defenses and attacks. I soon got up and walked to the middle of the class. I called out the name of the Katha I as going to perform. My voice was the loudest in class, and it gave me a bit more confidence. After that, I sat down again. Many children were called to do their Kathas and I observed my mistakes and their mistakes. 

Soon, the whole class had to stand up for Kihon. Kihon is when you charge forward, repeating the same punch, kick or defense. That was quite easy. Then came the main bit of the whole exam. The fight. Each student had to fight with three or more children of their same age, size, level or belt. I had to fight with the eldest and biggest boy in class.

After the fight we had to do the conditioning. 2 rounds of frog jumping, sit-ups, push-ups and namaskar.

Now came the most wonderful part of the exam. for me. The results were given out. The eldest boy in class got 55. Another boy in the class, two years elder to me got 60. That was the highest marks of the class at the moment. I knew that no one would top that! But I was proved wrong. My marks were read out by my teacher just after that. I couldn’t believe my ears wen I heard my teacher say that I got 65 marks. I got the highest marks in my class that exam.¬† I felt like jumping through the roof. I was so extremely happy!

It was truly the best exam. yet!