It’s Complicated [The Dog And I]

“C’mere, Feni!” I desperately coax,

My face breaks into a smile,

My dog lazily trudges towards me and

It sure seems to take her a while!!

“That’s it, baby girl,” I happily squeal,

The grimace on her face a fraud,


On the inside, I’m congratulating myself,

Her obedience, I applaud!

I have a lazy dog, ’tis true,

She rarely does obey,

And when she does, my Mom tells us,

“For this EXACTLY I pray!”

Which is why I was thrown aback,

When my dog so eagerly,

Listened to what I had to say,

Obeyed a command from me!

But ALAS! Myjoy was short lived,

When abruptly realise did I,

That Feni walked past me to her food bowl,

Well, at least I tried! ❤


Feni Makes it Five – 2.0

Feni makes it five

My heart thumped as mum pulled up her scarlet coupe just as we reached the asphalt. I hastily unbuckled the mauve seat belt that held me prisoner and bolted out of the automobile. ‘Careful Taylor,’ mum cautioned as I darted across the pavement. ‘Yeah, mum,’ I answered, slowing my pace and waiting for my mother to catch up with me.

I stifled an excited giggle while mum smartly knocked on the wooden door of the house mentioned in the advertisement in the paper. My sister clutched my mother’s brocade blouse. ‘Is this the lady’s house, mummy?’ She asked innocently, her eyes widening. ‘Yes, it is Violet,’ mum replied, rapping the door once more. I, quite unlike my younger sibling, couldn’t keep still. My fingers fidgeted with my strawberry blonde hair that was tied in a messy pony.

Yes! I thought to myself. This is it! This is the day! I’m going to get a puppy!! I chuckled in delight. My plan had worked. All those hours spent in coaxing mum wasn’t going waste after all!

I rubbed my hands in anticipation. Just as mum withdrew her hand from the door it swung open. ‘Hello there,’ A feminine voice boomed. ‘I reckon you’re here to check out the puppies,’ the woman continued. ‘Yes, we are,’ mum replied, stepping into the tastefully done up manor. ‘Well, hurry up and come in,’ the lady said to us. ‘The puppies will meet you any moment.’

We obediently entered, following our mum in silence. Scarcely had we seated ourselves when an energetic trio of Labrador’s came bounding out of a bedroom. I immediately sprang back onto my feet, eager to greet them. My eyes gleamed as I picked up one of the pups and squeezed her gently. I knelt on the floor and let myself be licked all over.

Violet forgot all about her shy ways and scrambled next to me. ‘Aren’t these adorable??’ She asked me, petting one of the Labs who playfully tugged at her pastel skirt. I just nodded.

The rest of the evening passed on in a split second, or so it seemed to me. Violet and I had the time of our lives, grooming the dogs and grooming their fur with soft bristle brushes. ‘Well,’ mum announced at last. ‘Girls, it’s time you choose a pup. We’d better get going in the next ten minutes,’ she added, flashing a disapproving look as she glanced at her wrist watch.

‘I’m not sure… I love them all the same, mummy!’ I squealed, flopping onto the futon with one of the dog’s cradled in the crook of my arms. ‘Well… I like the quiet one best,’ Violet declared, meekly pointing to the pup who I was trapping in a warm embrace.

‘Let’s take her then,’ mum affirmed, standing up. She and the mistress of the puppies spoke in hushed tones (about the price, maybe?) while I fondled the pup’s ears. ‘Come on girls,’ my mum commanded after a bit. I scooped up the selected puppy in my arms, but not before exchanging tearful farewells with the other doggies.

We bade good bye to the lady and were soon backing out the drive in the safety of mum’s trusty car. ‘You know what, mum?’ I asked. ‘Yeah, Taylor,’ my mum prompted. ‘I think I’m finally content,’ I said, to which mum could only laugh. I cast a side ward glance at Feni. It looked like she felt the same way.

Feni makes it five!


It was a sunny morning in the usually quiet village of Curtorim. I was eating my breakfast with my sister, Trikaya Ganesh. we were making plans for the day. The summer hols had just begun, so we could do whatever we wanted to, throughout the whole two months ahead. I was kind of missing my school life a bit, but anyway……

When I finished eating, I grabbed a Famous Five from the bookshelf and ran to my favorite rocking chair and settled down. My sister took the remote control and dived onto an easy chair. For the rest of the morning, I read my book and she watched T.V. It was very peaceful.  Then suddenly, I came across a part of the book where George, a character of the book, fondled and kissed her dog Timothy.It was then did I realize how much I missed my dog, Mohini.  I have always loved dogs. I play with any dog I meet. My karate sir, Sensei Shirish Thite, has four dogs. I play with them, too. I really wanted a dog more than anything in the world. Soon my sister and I got really got bored since I had finished my book and my sister found out than there was nothing nice coming on T.V. So the both of us decided to spend some time in our club house.

Our club house is nothing but a big patch of huge and old rocks. We had loads of fun and we were really tired out when we finally decided to head back home. Lunch was served soon after and the four of us, my parents, sister and I, relished our food. Soon after, my mom and dad decided to do some work on the computer. My sis and I were left with practically nothing to do.

Then, I remembered about having a dog. I ran to the study and pleaded with my mom about it. I had pleaded for a dog before, and all the time there were different replies. But this time it was something different. She said “If you really want a dog, then you and your sister write a letter to us telling us all your responsibilities when the dog arrives. And at the end, both of you sign your names, so that you don’t deny having written it later. Okay?’ I was extremely happy at this reply and kissed my mother on both her cheeks. I ran and took the colour pencils, sketch pens and an A4 sized sheet of paper. I wrote my note and added on a poem, written by myself.  Soon my sister ran and watched T.V. while I completed the letter. When it was finished, I ran to my mother to show it to her. She said it was very nice and kept it safely in her handbag. I ran to join my sister and the both of us watched on of our favorite shows, 1001 Nights. In the middle of it, my mom told us to get ready because we were going to go out. I wanted to know why,but as i went to ask her, she was talking on the phone.

I waited patiently, and soon enough, she ended the call. I seized the opportunity to speak to her. I said “Amma, where are we going?” She told me, and wasn’t I surprised when she said “We’re going to a lady’s house in Borda to see whether we can buy a dog suitable for us. Her dog has just had a litter. But we’re not buying it today, since appa is going on a business trip tomorrow and will be back in a week’s time. We shall buy the dog only then.”


Our car soon halted in front of the lady’s house. I was really excited. As I ran up the stair case, I thought about the fun we were going to have at home with the pup around. As I opened the main door, a whole gang of three pups ran to me and started licking me. I felt nice and warm. I then carried all the pups one by one and then I petted them, hugged them and everything else. I was pleased to find out that my favorite pup was the one we were taking home!I suddenly had an urge to ask my mother whether we could take the pup home today. I asked my mum and she agreed.

As we drove home, we bought a food and a water bowl, a collar and a leash. We planned on keeping the pup a secret from our dad since he was at home. But as I ran up the stairs, he told me that he  knew that we got the pup in our back seat.
That is how we got our wonderful Labrador, Feni!!!!!

All dressed up and nowhere to go!