I Exam, Therefore I Am

I have a theory that there is no feeling as beautifully refreshing as the relief that washes over you when you realize that your exams are over. Finished. Wrapped up. Done-dana-done-done.

And while I have no scientific evidence to back up my thesis, I’m pretty sure that if I surveyed a bunch of people, I’d reach the same exact conclusion; exams coming to an end is the best news EVER [yes, even better than there being pizza for dinner].

Which is why I am currently perched in front of the desktop with a family-sized tub of Tiramisu ice cream and a gallon of lemonade by my side, furiously typing away at the keyboard with exactly zero worries on my mind.

I mean, sure, considering how school began more than a week ago and I am yet to open a text book, I’m already WAY behind my classmates and that’s worrying me a teensy bit.

And I’m pretty certain that my music teacher is not going to be very pleased when he realizes that I haven’t touched my guitar in a month [in my defense, there were SO MANY great movies released in September and did you really expect me to sit around and do nothing about it?? From Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children to The Girl on the Train, I watched them all, first day, first show, which didn’t really leave me with much time to strum away] so maybe I’m a bit tense about that.

Oh, and I have all these competitions coming up which I am not at ALL prepared for, so I’m a wee bit nervous about getting my under-prepared butt kicked.

And don’t even get me started on the pathetic condition my blogs are in [they haven’t been updated in ages and ages and my follower count has been stagnant since 1997, not exactly a good sign]. The amount of work I need to put in to get them back on track is enough to get my heart racing [and not in a good way].

But, really, all these minor details cease to make a difference when it hits me that the exams have left us. Just like a harsh and troublesome winter, the exams have passed to give way to a lush, luxuriant spring and making the most of that is all I’m worried about at the moment.

Because now all I have to worry about is report card day.

Oh God.


R.I.P – Rock In Peace

Art is what we use to decorate space, but music is used to decorate time.

I don’t remember where I read this, but I do think about it a lot and I found myself internally repeating it even more this year.


The year that, despite having only just begun four months ago, has already bid farewell to so many of music’s principal contributors; B.B King and David Bowie and George Martin and Keith Emerson and Glenn Frey and Prince and dozens more.

All of them gone. Just like that.

The scores of magical music they created, the fan bases they took years to strengthen, the legacy built with their entrancing melodies left behind as quick as a flick.

That’s it. It’s over.

The finality of it is staggering and immense and takes a while to process.

The actual realization hits after a week or two has passed; when it fully sinks in that there will be no more sold-out concerts or tearful meet-and-greets or frenzied world tours; no more appearances at award shows or red carpets or late night T.V shows. And certainly no more new music.

No more singles or albums or E.Ps or vinyl records.

No more waiting with bated breath as the release day of a new album approaches.

No more living in the constant emotional trauma that they might drop a surprise single while you’re asleep.

No more THEM.

Just… Just traces of them buried in the midst of their musical body of work. Signs of their lives in every play of their breakout hit and every song after it. Hints of their existence in all of their classic, irresistible anthems.

And even though they’re not here anymore, they will come alive –just for a minute or two- every time you hear their lyrics and dance to their songs.

They will be there every time you give their debut album a listen, they will come back each time you lip sync to their no. 1 hit and they will return for every playback of their videos.

To the rest of the world they may be gone, but they will continue to live in our hearts, our music players and in our memories forever and always.

Rock on in Peace, guys. I’m sure you will.

South African Prayer

The man runs his fingers

Through the guitar strings

Taking in a deep breath

He opens up and sings


‘Hallelujah!’ He exclaims

‘Praise the diving Lord,’

Inhaling deeply once again

He changes the guitar’s chord


‘Thanks you, Lord Jesus,

For blessing me today

Thanks you for this career

Where I can strum my time away,


‘Thank you for the guitar

That plays quite fine a tune

It’s beautiful scarlet color

And the way it goes ‘BOOM!!


And takes my song to many a place

And makes it sound so grand

Thank you for my red guitar

That was well worth the rand.’

Once upon a time…*Sigh*

Once upon a time, I was what every girl wants to be. The best at EVERYTHING. I was the star of the football team, 10/10 student, karate sir’s best pupil, music sir’s pet, class teacher’s “angel,” Feni’s master, my sisters role model, national gold medalist… I wasn’t able to do anything wrong!

Now all I can say is its totally different. I’m still a national gold medalist, the star of my football team, teachers “angel” and music sir’s pet. But I’m not Feni’s master, my sister’s role model, karate sir’s best pupil or a 10/10 student (I’m now a 9/10 student. I’m among karate sir’s top 5, but not the best. Feni kind of listen’s to me, but mom’s the master, and I fight too much with my sister to be her role model. Why me?).

My heart let’s out a long groan when I see a 9/10 or 9 and a 1/2 on top of my test paper. Why couldn’t it be a ten? AAAH! This is so frustrating! And when I see my sister admiring someone as much as she used to admire me, (even though I don’t let it show) I feel like I’m no longer a good sister (not that I ever was. 🙂 ). Feni sometimes ignores my frantic shouts for her. Like as if she’s superior to me! Talk about attitude! And about karate? Well, here’s a detailed story of my thoughts before class:

Get this straight, before the competition and my long SIX MONTH (can you BELIEVE it?) break, I was known as Trusha, the Terror in my karate class. Want to know why? Because I used to beat every single opponent standing in front of me. Boys and girls. (Except Raymond, the biggest guy in class. Come on, he’s fifteen going on sixteen, and I’m a shrimp of ten. But I DID best him once.) Now, the tables were turned. After my long holiday which, my mom forced me to take, there was a new terror in class, Samuel Jackson. He doesn’t exactly show technique, but once you step in front of him, he blindly starts punching and kicking. I couldn’t beat him. It seemed impossible. Even Raymond seemed a bit intimidated in front of him! Serena, the timid, easy-to-fight yellow belt beat me twice! I couldn’t believe it! What was happening? Why was this happening to ME?? I spoke to mom about this. She told me that maybe my asthma (its an inflammatory disease of the airways , and that causes me to pant for breath and wheeze many a time) may be a blessing in disguise. I understood what she meant immediately! Everything that I ever wanted, I could get if I just tried a little hard. That was the problem. I never had to strain and struggle like the others had to. Now was my turn. So I gathered up all my determination, and boldly stepped into class. (Actually, not so boldly. I had cried just before reaching, because I was so nervous of letting my sir down.) There, I took my place, and was surprised to see a guy with three Black Belts sitting next to me. He looked like in his early twenties. I somehow got the urge to impress him, so I tried my hardest x10 that class. It paid off. I not only beat Samuel, but managed to defeat Serena leisurely. The score was 4-2! I learned that she wasn’t a difficult opponent at all! It was a bit of strain to beat Samuel, but I did. 3-2. I was quite satisfied with myself, and learned that I still could do it, only if I put my mind at it. Now, I’m improving. I’ve become one of sir’s top 5. But my aim is to become his best.

Liked the story? Well, I kind of like it too! (Laughs)

I guess the lesson is, keep trying. You never know when luck will side you. I’m happy to report that after the two fights that I lost with Serena, I never lost to her again. That was quite easy, actually. And in December, I’m going to Singapore for the Internationals! Yaay! Plus, in August, I’m directly getting my purple belt, skipping my blue and maroon belt. Sir says he’s letting me do that because of the drastic improvement! And after coming back from the nationals in October, I’m going to receive my brown belt. Zoo-Wee-Mama! Then, In 2013, I may get my black belt, sir says.

But, all said, I still have to get my belts. So for now, its just hard work and devotion. I think I can manage that. I’m definitely going to raise my average from 9/10 to 10/10, with a lot of pouring over books. And if I could say one thing to life, it would be:


State-Level Fall

Well, I think that the best way to start this post is to tell you about what it’s about. A few days ago, my music sir chose me and a few girls to do a patriotic song for the all state competition. I was very excited, and as we were going to another school, we had to be really prepared. We were called very often during school hours to practice. The day finally came. We were not nervous, so we did only one practice there. When we saw the other performers practicing even just before their act, we laughed at how unprepared they looked.

We were the second to perform. There is this little boy, Falgun, who played the bongo for us, while sir played his jet black guitar. We walked on stage, not knowing which artist should stand where, unlike the previous band. Anyways, I was still quite sure that the judge’s would be blown off y our music. We started off quite shakily, but I kind of knew that the chorus would be carried on well.

In the middle of the second verse, we stumbled on the words a bit. As our song was very high pitched, the power of our voices were fading away. At the end, I somehow did not realize that  had to move out of the stage. After many nudges from the girl after me, I was pushed out of the stage. Though all these antics took place, a thunderous applause followed. That made me even more sure that we would win.

At that moment, everyone agreed, but after the next few performances, they began saying that we would lose. All but me and Falgun. Even music sir had lost hope! I felt so bad. How could they just loose hope like that??

Lots of speeches were made before the grand announcement. Who would be the winner? I had lot’s of hope left, and Falgun and me were crossing our fingers like mad. We were really exited. There were first, second and third trophies, plus two consolation ones! I was even more super sure! But, my hopes were dashed as even the first place was announced. There was a coincidence though. The school that we had gone to, to perform, they won the first place. Maybe it was a fixed plan? Maybe not.  but I was so enraged that I could believe anything at that moment.

Then I found out hat the winners were going to Bangalore for the next level in patriotic singing, the nationals. I was blabbering all the way home that it was all a fixed plan. Later my mom told me that I was being a spoiled sport and a bad loser. I then realised how well the winners had sung. But, instead of a trophy, I had gained some knowledge. This is a little bit of it-

First, never be overconfident. Always prepare yourself for the best.

Follow the rules. As it was totally Indian, the guitar that sir played was only asking for trouble.

Remember, there’s always a next time!

When people deserve to win, let them. You can always try again.