My One Mistake

I could feel her gaze upon me,
Even when I was alone,
I could sense her try to taunt me,
On the metro and at home

At first I tried to brush if off
And blame it on the nerves,
But our pasts chase all of us,
Till we get what we deserve

I tried to say “I’m sorry!
“I didn’t MEAN to pull the trigger!
“Babe, it was an accident!”
But the truth she seemed to figure

She shadowed me obsessively,
She knew my every move,
She persevered for many a week,
Her point she had to prove

I soon grew wild and frantic,
I pitied my sorry plight,
Any security I once had,
Packed off, took hasty flight

When I would feel her looking,
I’d spin around, heart ablaze,
But every time I’d miss her,
She’d escape without a trace

As I later learned, that wasn’t true,
She was always there, my love,
Instead of peering to my sides,
I should have looked above…


Everybody’s Got Something To Say

“Drink up all your water, dear,”
My Mum coos from the kitchen,
“It’ll give your skin a natural glow
And save you a lot of stitchin’!”

I grab a pitcher in both hands
And am poised to chug it down,
When my Dad shrieks from the other room
“Your insides are going to drown!

“Too much water leads to disease,
And intestinal bugs!”
He shakes his head so vigorously
That I put down the water jug.

Right then, Uncle Tony struts in
His hips swaying to the beat,
“Water is the kryptonite,” he says,
“To this wretched summer heat!”

He brings a bottle to his lips
And barely has a taste,
Before my father slaps it down
With a weary, worried haste

“Whatever did you do that for??”
Tony asks with indignation
“Well, I only just SAVED YOUR LIFE!”
Dad shouts in retaliation

“We’re all drinking way too much!”
He yells out, without trace of flounder
“Well, I say we don’t drink ENOUGH!”
Tony decides to counter

The men start to quarrel, then,
Their eyes and cheeks ablaze,
While Mum tries to put it out,
And I heave a sigh, amazed

Autumn – The 4 Seasons Saga

Naked branches dotted with twigs

But not a flower to show,

No more emerald, dancing leaves

And no more grass to mow

There’s a brisk breeze blowing through the town

When I set out for my run,

I like it, but miss the colorful trees

Of which there are left none

For they are replaced by dull brown barks

Lacking a single splash of hue

You can still see patches of dark ochre from morn’

Made by the early morning dew

Be that as it l may I still proclaim,

That I love this season most

Of subtle beauty and intricate design

It does humbly boast

The ambiance is superb as I jog

But dusk is steadily engulfing us all

I fasten my pace, but my romantic heart stays

Among the beautiful trees of fall

Winter – The 4 Seasons Saga

We huddle up by the fire

Bundled in layers of scarf

Night has fallen upon us

As quick as a nippy laugh

Mom brings out trays of cocoa

Which we happily devour

The time of retiring has struck us

Gosh, look at the hour!!

I slither in between my sheets

And scrunch up my toasty toes

Snow pelts down on my window pane

As the frigid wind blows

I glance out for a minute or two

Before I’m dead to the world

But before I know it I’m asleep

My body, tightly curled

There is always tomorrow

To go dancing in the snow

But for now, dear reader,

I think I’m going to go



So I was leafing through old books and files in the attic the other day and came across two poems that I wrote way back when I was nine years old. I thought I’d put them up here for you guys to enjoy and get a sense of what I was before I because a -you know- totally successful blogger with a staggering 23 site views ;). ENJOY!!

I love rock, I love roll

I love my Mama and my Uncle Knoll

I love peanut, I love butter

I think jelly is an absolute nutter

I love pink, I love blue

I love the way my Aunt May’s shoe

First go left, then go right

Before looking like they’re going to take flight

Hey, I never said that it was a display of lyrical genius, did I?? 

The second poem was written when I was nine and a half, during a particularly boring math period. Take a look;

I’m in the graveyard

Dark is the night

Do you think I’m

In for a fright??

The cat screams a shriek

The dog; only a growl

But nobody’s eyes shine

Brighter than the owl

I step on something

Hard as a stone

With a jump and a start

I realize its a bone!!

It clutches my ankle

And doesn’t let go

Ghosts have a very good

Grip, you know?? 😉

I can only hope that my poetry skills have improved over the years. What do you think?? (W)