Monsoon – The 4 Seasons Saga

Pitter, patter, falls the rain

On a damp and muggy eve,

Bolts of lightning illuminate the sky,

Inviting us to see,

Our maple tree, dancing in the drizzle,

Its roots quenching their thirst,

Its green leaves look pleasantly refreshed,

So full of relief, they could burst!

For it has been a long summer,

Of heat and sweat and draught,

And all through its discomfort

Our tree valiantly fought.

And now its hardship’s come to an end,

Thanks to this unexpected shower,

The sun’s sharp rays will no longer make

Our plucky tree cower.

Earthworms, snails and frogs alike,

Splash about in the puddles,

This sudden change in weather

Has got them all befuddled!

But perplexed as they may be,

They heartily enjoy the rain,

Because at the back of their minds they aren’t sure

If or when it’ll come again…


Autumn – The 4 Seasons Saga

Naked branches dotted with twigs

But not a flower to show,

No more emerald, dancing leaves

And no more grass to mow

There’s a brisk breeze blowing through the town

When I set out for my run,

I like it, but miss the colorful trees

Of which there are left none

For they are replaced by dull brown barks

Lacking a single splash of hue

You can still see patches of dark ochre from morn’

Made by the early morning dew

Be that as it l may I still proclaim,

That I love this season most

Of subtle beauty and intricate design

It does humbly boast

The ambiance is superb as I jog

But dusk is steadily engulfing us all

I fasten my pace, but my romantic heart stays

Among the beautiful trees of fall

Winter – The 4 Seasons Saga

We huddle up by the fire

Bundled in layers of scarf

Night has fallen upon us

As quick as a nippy laugh

Mom brings out trays of cocoa

Which we happily devour

The time of retiring has struck us

Gosh, look at the hour!!

I slither in between my sheets

And scrunch up my toasty toes

Snow pelts down on my window pane

As the frigid wind blows

I glance out for a minute or two

Before I’m dead to the world

But before I know it I’m asleep

My body, tightly curled

There is always tomorrow

To go dancing in the snow

But for now, dear reader,

I think I’m going to go


Spring – The 4 Seasons Saga

“Tweet, tweet” the blue-specked bird chirps

As it swings its tail about

The bushes are bursting with flowers

Assuring us that spring has broken out


What a delightful scene is taking place

In front of my house today

The first butterflies of June uncurl

Bidding a fond farewell to May


The sun melts itself onto my bare back

The gravel crunches underneath my toes

My sister waters the garden, so serene,

While reciting soothing verses and prose


It’s the perfect day for a good sunbath

While reading a book or two

In fact, it’s such a good idea that I myself

Set out to do that do


So I gather an inch of reading material

And hike up the hem of my skirt

Make my way to our golden backyard

And construct a temporary berth


My naked feet rejoice

As they dance around the soil

The earthworm that I accidentally touch

Hurries to form a coil


After hours of Dickens, Collins and King

I pack my stuff and head inside

But I will be back tomorrow, my dear

It isn’t yet the time to say bye