The Story of My Epic Summer #Fail

I’m going to be honest with you; since my summer break began on 1st May, I haven’t done an ounce of work.

Not one.

And it’s surprising that I actually feel guilty about this because I used to firmly believe that vacations from school were the perfect time to be disgustingly lazy.

That isn’t to say that my opinion is any different now; I still think that when a holiday eventually rolls around, you should bask in the golden freedom of not having to do anything and just chill out.

However, seeing as how this is the summer before I officially enter the tenth grade [gulp], all of my classmates had decided to forsake their last carefree summer in order to study and be better prepared for when school starts in June.

At first, I scoffed. I’m ashamed to admit it, but I did. I thought that they were taking things WAY too seriously and that our measly syllabus could easily be crammed the night before the exam [my usual mode of preparation].

However, as my friends continued to jabber about giving up their school break for the noble cause of enriching their education, it occurred to me that maybe I was the dumb one.

Maybe I it’s time I sobered up and started spending my summers productively, I remember thinking. Maybe it’s time to start waking up before 04:00 pm and maybe it’s time to start thinking twice before I serve myself a SEVENTH HELPING at the dinner table. Wait, what was I thinking about? Oh, right, school. Summer. Studying. Groan.

And that’s when I decided that I was not going sleep away another summer. I was going to get started on the semester’s curriculum, score myself an internship [I hear they look real good on college applications] and have a total blast while achieving my goals at the same time. I was going to work and play and work again and play again and I was NOT going to eat more than five bowls of cereal with milk in one sitting [wait, what?].

So when the first day of summer rolled around, I was READY. With a brand new notepad in one hand and a pouch filled with stationery in the other, I was prepared to seriously kick butt.

A surge of confidence coursing through my body, I opened up the book and scrawled out a neat “My Summer Study Plan” –with a double underline- at the top of the first page. Dutifully, I filled in the date and the page number and underlined them twice, too.

Then, I wrote in the dates of all the days in the month and added a cute little hyphen next to them.

By this point, I’d spent at LEAST three whole minutes furiously writing and I needed a break. Just a short breather to regain my focus, I told myself as I skipped out of my room to grab a bite to eat.

Seven plates of raw mango later, I was forced to admit to myself that I wasn’t going back to work –not today, at least.

Hey, this is your FIRST DAY. Give yourself a break. I mean, you DID complete the entire outline of the plan I internally reasoned with myself. Take the rest of the day off, but remember that it’s back to the grind tomorrow.

Didn’t happen.

It’s been close to four weeks since that first half-hearted attempt to write out a schedule and my great study plan is still exactly the way it was before I decided to hog on unripe fruit.


The internet, that’s why.

To be fair, I am such an ace procrastinator that I would’ve thought of some reason or the other to ditch my work, but the Internet made it too easy.

YouTube, Tumblr, Wattpad, Twitter [heck, even Wikipedia]… I had enough and more ways to waste my time and I grabbed it with open arms.

In the last twenty five days, I’ve watched more YouTube videos than I have muscles in my body. I’ve read more Fanfiction than a literature major has read Hemingway. I’ve skimmed through more Tweets than most birds have chirped in their entire lifetime. I’ve- you get the idea, right?

And you want to know the worst part?

At the end of all these intense binging sessions, I was left with a frustrated, hollow pit in my stomach. Sure, I more than enjoy the internet sessions while they last, but when they’re over and I’m left alone with my thoughts, I am NOT amused.

Now, if you’re one of those kids who has obediently opened your textbooks every day and actually read them, I applaud you. [I also want to murder you, but let’s not drone on that]

However, if you’re anything like me and feel like you could’ve done a lot more over the past couple of weeks, here’s what I have to say to you;

It isn’t over yet. There’s still more than a week of glorious freedom left before we’re thrust into the land of pop quizzes and PowerPoint presentations so let’s give it our best shot.

No, I don’t mean mugging science formulae till your eyes burn but making the most of the fact that this is your holiday and you deserve it. So I want you to promise me that you’re going to have fun. Indulge yourself by doing what you love most, be it poring through the classics or opening up food stalls with your sister so you can rake in some extra cash.

Be passionate and be free. Live each moment like your entire life boils down to it and don’t be afraid to try something new. You think you might enjoy making short films and uploading them for the world to see? Go for it [just make sure that you don’t spend the next three hours stalking Robbie Williams on Facebook]. You want to try your hand at baking a Madeira cake? Just do it.

This is the time to spread those wings and truly explore your potential. A LOT can happen in one week, so make it your best one.

P.S – A thousand apologies for all the corny I’ve managed to slip into one blog post! It won’t be this cheesy next time, I promise!


Kaleidoscopic Kerala: A Trip To God’s Own Country – Last Day


I remember feeling absolutely DEVASTATED when I woke up that last morning, the thought of boarding a chugging train that would drop us off at the Margao Station [THAT VERY AFTERNOON] haunting me.

After wolfing down a nutritious breakfast and draining several glasses of fresh fruit juice, we lugged our suitcases from our cosy rooms to the bus one last time.

We still had a bit of sight-seeing left to do, though, and that cheered us up a wee bit. First up, the Paradesi Synagogue which displayed the most vibrant tile work; a true sight for sore eyes. [Fun Fact: It also just so happens to be the OLDEST ACTIVE SYNAGOGUE IN THE COMMONWEALTH OF NATIONS. I mean, WOW!!] Next, we toured the Police Museum, taking in as many awe-inspiring relics as we could. We then diligently explored the chaotic Kochi bazaar, bargaining like professionals and bidding “Adieu!!” to the last few bits of our personal cash.

Loaded with antique trinkets and refreshments to snack on, we began our short drive back to the Ernakulam Junction Railway Station, our grins quickly drooping when it finally hit us; we were going home.

To be honest, as we desperately glanced out our cabin windows as the train huffed out of the station, trying to imprint on our minds these last few glances of our beloved Kerala, I was kind of looking forward to seeing my family again. Seeing my dogs again. Seeing my school again. [Believe it or not]

“And, you know, it’s not like we’re NEVER coming back here again,” I comforted myself, sinking into the plush train seats. “There’s always next year. Sorry, Kerala, you can’t get rid of us THAT easily!!”

Kaleidoscopic Kerala: A Trip To God’s Own Country – DAY 3


The drive from Kochi to Munnar was the single part of the trip I would rather not relive. Don’t get me wrong; we had TONS of fun during the first leg of the journey- we played 21 questions, blasted and sang to Bollywood hits, pranked each other to glory… We had a BOMB!!

It was the last hour that killed (and I mean that -ALMOST- literally)

During the last few kilometres was when the nausea unexpectedly kicked in and most of us began succumbing to car sickness. In the blink of an eye, our bus transformed from a party-on-wheels to a mobile hospital.

Luckily, about 15 minutes after we checked into the glamorous , we were whisked away by the teachers for a round of chocolate-tasting and boy, did that flush away the frowns or WHAT?!

From cashew-encrusted to bitter almond to treacle-coated, there were more types of chocolate than we knew what to do with!! Using up a big chunk of our allotted pocket money, we splurged on a bunch of sweet delicacies to take back to Goa. Well, at least that was the PLAN. Somehow, most of the treats got -ahem- eaten up on the way. Don’t ask us how!!

As a little surprise, our tour guide let us tag along to watch a FABULOUS martial arts demonstration after our round of choco-feasting and it just about rocked our socks off!! [Including mine, and I’m a black belt!!]

That night, we went to sleep with our sweet teeth indulged and a sudden urge to star in the next Karate Kid movie. In other words, we went to bed feeling EXTREMELY happy 🙂

Kaleidoscopic Kerala: A Trip To God’s Own Country – DAY 2


As our bus drew up in front of Wonderla the next morning, our screams rose to a decibel level. Who could blame us?? A FULL day let lose at one of the BIGGEST theme/water parks in the country?? Count us in!!

After our tour guide briefed us about the basic rules and etiquette we were expected to follow, the fifty of us spent the next NINE HOUR riding EVERY SINGLE attraction a dozen times each.

The most formidable ride was -by far- the Twin Flip Monster, which tossed us in every single direction (like beans in a Maraca -look it up) about fifty feet from the ground. Personally, being a MAJOR adrenalin junkie, I quite enjoyed my five minutes being flipped in mid-air, although most of my classmates didn’t share my point of view (and quite understandably, at that). The most frequented attraction was the Rain Disco, which sprayed us with water in time with eardrum-shattering, fantastically-amazing electronic dance music. Another favourite was the spooky House of Horrors with its creepy music and blood-curdling screams for help.

For possibly the first time, our teachers flaunted their true colours and embraced their “wild teenager” side. They were as (if not more than) eager as us to try out everything (and I mean EVERYTHING). From the awesome Lilo Adventure to the daunting Swanky Slides, they were game.

Needless to say, we were more than a little disappointed when the rides began wrapping up and we were forced to load ourselves back into our trusty bus. We’d had more than our share of fun, though, and still had three whole glorious days to look forward to. Which brings us to…

Kaleidoscopic Kerala: A Trip To God’s Own Country – DAY 1


“Pinch me, hard, because I’m pretty sure I’m dreaming. It’s only logical. I mean, have I ever been so unexpectedly thrust into such a perfect situation before? Has ANYONE??”

Thoughts like these swarmed through my mind -like cops at a crime scene- as I hauled my 100-kilo [or so it seemed] backpack into my- sorry, sorry, into OUR room. “Our” as in mine… AND my best friends’.


Unfortunately, I had next to no time to mull over this exhilarating series of events, because before I so much as splashed some water on my face I was being hurried out of the chamber by a distraught-looking teacher [hey, being in charge of nearly fifty unruly students is NO JOKE!]

Turns out, I was going to get much more than a “splash” of water on the face because we were going on a boat ride! As we glided along the aquamarine waters and stared in awe as the Sun fused itself with the horizon; chic skyscrapers, glamorous buildings and quaint boutiques unveiled themselves along the river banks, making us one crazily excited bunch when the teachers informed us that they’d scheduled a stopover at the nearby LuLu Shopping Center for some retail therapy before we returned to the hotel.

Of course, the mall was a dream come true for us country bumpkins. It was glitzy and swanky and shiny and such a refreshing change from our usual after-school haunts.

Exhausted but incredibly content, we trooped back to the entrance of LuLu around 120 minutes later, armed with brimming shopping bags and sunshiny smiles.

Dinner back at our hotel was delicious and the perfect end to a perfect day. As I tucked myself into bed that night, I couldn’t help but get super excited for the rest of the trip.

Bird Talk

‘Tweet, tweet,’  they sweetly exchange

From one bird to another

They pigeon says to the jet black crow

‘ ‘What’s going on now, brother??’


‘Oh nothing much, just daily chores,’

The crow responded, rolling his eyes,

‘But these retched summer months

I’m REALLY beginning to despise.’


‘Why is that, my brother bird??’

The pigeon asked his bud,

‘I thought you liked the radiant sun,

The days without the soft, wet mud,’


‘It is true, you are so right,

But be that as it may,

I don’t like when people travel

Even for a single day


‘Because the birdbaths go unfilled

And there aren’t scattered crumbs o’ break,

That is why, oh brother bird

These summer months I dread.’


‘You’re just plain lazy, crow,

So lazy, it’s UNHEARD,’

And with that, Polly pigeon

Left her brother bird

The Holidays

A week of festive holidays

There is so much to see

So many happy people

And great places to be

You can pick up vibrant daisies

And make a lovely chain

Or whitewash the poky fence

And oil that window pane

There’s swimming, sanding, surfing

Or boating with the wind

You can eat exotic cheeses

[But don’t leave out the rind!!]

There’s rolling, strolling, activities

Like yoga in the Sun

But whatever it is you’re doing

Make sure you’re having fun!!