Sunsets In The Summer

Cloudless skies and pigeons’ cries,
And a lush, warm, crimson hue,
Let’s take a moment to behold
As we pay summer sunsets their due

Clouds of pink cotton candy
Flit about on their own trip,
Flocks of ravens stretch their wings,
As the cheery day does slip

Into a sleepy, orange phase,
Of daily change and transition,
The little hints the earth whispers,
Are lost in flurried translation

Nocturnal beasts start to stir,
As the sunlight filters out,
And we traipse through the lime-green fields,
Homeward; a familiar route

Like a cloak of the richest velvet,
Like a frock of the prettiest silk,
The night begins to envelope us all,
And the moon rises, pale as milk


The Wheels On The Bike…

“Faster! Faster!” Chad wants to scream out,
As himself and the bike tear down a slope,
Houses and pavements pass by in a blur,
This was going better than he’d hoped!

The cycle was gifted a month ago,
To his sister, Lil, from his Mum and Dad,
Lil had guarded it faithfully ever since,
“No, you can’t ride it, Chad!”

But this eve, Lil hopped to her pal’s,
For a princess-themed birthday bash,
Giving Chad all the time he needed,
To make that long-awaited, cyclic dash!

It was the first time in weeks,
That he’d left his headphones, Beats,
By itself in his home,
It was his most prized thing
His only bling,
Without them, he’d feel so alone…

But now he sailed on the nearly-empty streets,
With a song on his lips and in his heart,
And only just in time did her notice Lil,
In the middle of the road, giving him a start

“It isn’t what it looks like,” he hastily exclaimed,
As he slowed Lil’s bike with a screech,
“Oh, it’s quite alright,” Lil reassured,
And spun around to reveal his Beats

Under her feet.

Too Good To Be True…

“And you ALSO win this 4-acre house!!”
The game show host cries out,
My fingers tighten around my knees,
“Bring it!!” I confidently shout!

3 grueling hours of gaming later,
I victoriously emerge,
“That huge manor is all mine!!” I recall,
With a sudden, ecstatic surge.

“Welcome to your new home!!”
The game show host [or GSH says],
“We at GamingNerds hope you love it,
And spend your time her in happiness!!”

I survey the place, my new home sweet home,
The fountains and the chandeliers,
Not to mention the indoor swimming pool,
That left me swimming in happy tears!!

“There’s just one tiny thing,”
The GSH adds, as an afterthought, or a whim,
“You can’t EVER leave, you’re my property now…”
And the majestic front doors slams behind him…

The Seaside

Rippling, frothing, foaming, crashing,

Breaking on the golden shore,

Their stunning corals, buttery sands,

Settled on the ocean floor

Violet jellyfish, electric eels,

Haunt the not-so-murky waters,

Dads and Moms and sons splash about,

Not to mention the nimble daughters,

The rays of the sun skim the aqua surface,

Exposing the rich sea life,

And the glimmering, silvery seashells,

Which, on the beach, are rife


Her smile dazzles like a 1000 bulbs,

So bright and so very happy,

And I’ll persevere with this bumbling ode,

At the risk of sounding sappy.

Asmi, with her prancing steps,

Her silky hair a-flying,

She leaves a trail of joyfulness,

Without even trying!!

She’s thoughtful and extremely sweet,

She thinks of her friends and chums,

She’s quick and sharp and funny too,

Quite the opposite of dumb 😉

Today, I wish this charming girl,

The best of luck and happiness,

Stay strong and live life on your terms,

And settle for nothing less 😀

Tr Carla

To my sassy teacher Carla,

[With a razor-sharp wit to boot]

You make Shakespeare a joy to learn,

And your classes are a hoot!!

Thank you for your words so wise,

And though our recklessness you despised,

We will love you till the very end,

Our mentor, teacher and best friend ❤